This year, the Michigan Flyers celebrate 50 years of aviation in Ann Arbor.

We're announcing a campaign to build a facility to carry us to 100.


What we're building

Today, over 250 members gather, train, and fly from our 400 sq. ft office, tucked into the back corner of a hangar at the Ann Arbor airport. This little office was last renovated 40 years ago, and we're bursting at the seams.

We're drafting plans for a new gathering place, likely in our same area at the KARB northwest T-hangars. We're designing more space where members will get together, plan flights, study, meet with instructors and dispatch.

The absolute best quality of the Michigan Flyers is the community that has grown here. We're creating a space for that community to gather for the next 50 years.

Who are the Flyers

The Michigan Flyers is a non-profit flying club, formed in 1969 as a student club of aviators. Over the last 50 years, we've minted thousands of pilots: Blue Angels, professional aviators, and lifetime recreational flyers. Our no-buy-in, non-profit nature has opened up aviation to many who wouldn't have had the resources on their own.

Today we're an independent 501(c)7 organization, open to all. We operate ten Cessna aircraft, with 250+ members from Ann Arbor and beyond. We host events introducing University of Michigan aerospace students to aviation, celebrating women in aviation, touring local ATC and airline facilities, and sharing the airport with elementary schoolers. Our diverse membership includes aviators of all ages and experiences.

How you can help

This club has created a global network of aviators, with roots in Michigan. If the Flyers taught you something about aviation or helped you find your community of aviators in Ann Arbor, consider joining the effort.

Our next step is reaching far and wide to find the past and present Michigan Flyers network, and enlist their help. Donate $10 to be recognized as a foundational supporter in this project.

As our plans take shape, we will share more specifics on how to get involved.


The Michigan Flyers fundraising committee

Dick Hoesli
Founder, Michigan Flyers

Andy Fowler
President, Michigan Flyers

Amelia Jayne