With roots tracing back to the 1920s, today we’re a diverse group that shares a common passion for aviation.


The Michigan Flyers’ roots trace back to the 1920s — we participated in the first airmeet of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association in 1929. The non-profit club in its current form was incorporated in 1969 by a group of aerospace engineering students. We have a vibrant history of aviators, some of whom have gone on to fly with the Blue Angels and international airlines.

In 2011, we held a reunion, and collected some photo and video from our 40 years of aviation. Have a look.

Why a Flying club?

the atmosphere

For us, aviation is more than renting a plane. You’ll find our members barbecuing at our hangars, planning group flights, tossing around a softball, or swapping stories over coffee. Whether you’re considering your first lesson, or you’re a lifelong pilot, aviation is best when it’s shared with others!

We’re a casual, non-profit club — our only employee is our director of maintenance. Our membership includes university students, professionals, hobbyists and people who just love flight.

The instruction

The instructors who teach with us are independent contractors, with many interesting backgrounds. You’ll often see them around the hangars, and you’ll learn something new with every conversation

the insurance

Unlike many rental situations, as a member of the Flyers, you are a named-insured on the club’s insurance policy. Members receive protections unavailable to most renters, including better liability coverage and protection from subrogation. Read more about insurance in our club.